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I am Carrie, a Real Estate Agent with John Hall & Associates, and I live in the Fletcher Heights community.

I was so excited and enthusiastic about our new community that I decided to use my resources, talents and desires to promote Fletcher Heights as a really good place to live.  Therefore, FletcherHeights.com was born. This website is meant to be a service to the Fletcher Heights community as well as to be vehicle for my Real Estate services.

If you have news or questions concerning the Fletcher Heights community we invite you to email us. We will share your comments as they benefit the community.

~ Carrie. ~

Over 50 combined years in Real Estate experience working for you!
Over 80 Million dollars in combined sales! (Yes that is $80,000,000.00!)


Carolyn M. Bethel, P.C.
Carrie is a Realtor with 18 years experience in the business. Carrie's understanding of her clients needs and desires and focus in finding the best home for them when they buy and getting the best price in a timely manner for them when they sell has made her business almost 100% referral. She loves her work and is truly a "people person."  She became a Certified Mediator with the Attorney Generals office 15 years ago and mediates on a voluntary basis.  Carrie is certified as an E-Pro Agent and is aware of the importance of the internet in providing real estate services to her clients and customers.


Barry is a Realtor and Associate Broker with 33 years experience in commercial and residential real estate. He works behind the scenes, researching the MLS, managing contracts, necessary paper and computer work. Barry has a BSEE from Penn State, graduate studies from ASU and regularly teaches real estate courses statewide for Arizona School of Real Estate & Business. He is also Carrie Bethel's husband and partner in their real estate business.


Lee is a loan officer with FT Financial and specializes in "No Cost" home loans. A quick call to him will put your mind at ease and save you time with him in home or phone loan applications.


Webmaster - Builds/maintains the Computers, Networks and Webpages for the staff and FletcherHeights.com. Over 15 years experience with computers. BS degree in Technical Management, AASE in Electronics Engineering.


Do you have any specific questions about my real estate services? I can help you buy or sell your home with a comprehensive strategy designed for you.